1st International Home Birth Conference, London, 1987 (WWAT 2005/1)

1stInternationalConference HomeBirthLogoSaturday 24 October 1987

Tape 1 (43:39 minutes)

Welcome address (Beverley Beech)

Why home birth? (Sheila Kitzinger) [Starts at 11:27 minutes]

Tape 2 (45:27 minutes)

What happened to home birth? (Dr Anne Oakley)

The significance of birth in our lives (Carole Eliott) [Starts at 24:59 minutes]

Tape 3 (31:43 minutes)

The baby’s experience (Prof John Davies)

Family-centred birth in the home (Lee Stewart) [at 16:21 minutes]

Tape 4 (29:01 minutes)

Why we chose home birth (Parents panel) [Please note: This tape is very loud at the beginning]

Tape 4a ( 5:24 minutes)

Mothersong Midwives

Tape 5 ( 59:59minutes)

Home birth today – an international perspective (Dr Marsden Wagner)

Is home birth less safe? (Marjorie Tew) [Starts at 23:30 minutes]

Where to be born (Rona Campbell) [Starts at 42:08 minutes]

Tape 6 ( 30:58 minutes)

Home birth in Brazil (Dr Lorena Araujo)

Tape 7 ( minutes)

Home birth in the modern world (Suzanne Arms)

Home birth profiles (International panel) [Starts at xx:xx minutes]

Tape 7a ( minutes)

The Farm Midwifery Centre (Ina Mae Gaskin) (1 side only recorded)


Sunday 25 October 1987

Tape 8 ( minutes)

Midwifery in Holland (Beatrijs Smulders)

Home birth & the identity of the midwife (Melody Weig)

Tape 9 ( minutes)

International midwives panel

Tape 10 ( minutes)

Home birth – a challenge to the profession (Dr Luke Zander)

What is the role of the obstetrician in home birth? (Mrs Wendy Savage)

Home as a model for hospital birth (Dr Yehudi Gordon)

Tape 11 ( minutes)

The way forward (Beverley Beech)

Campaigning for home birth (International panel II)

Tape 12 ( minutes)

The midwives’ vision (Soo Downe)

Preparing for home birth (Rahima Baldwin)

Tape 13 ( minutes)

The limits of hospital birth in the AIDS era (Michel Odent)

Womanpower for change (Janet Balaskas)